Registration closed and the numbers are in.

All teams are locked in as we closed the second stage of registration on the 10th of January. If you didn’t fill in the form ‘complete to compete’ you will not be eligible to race on rally day even if you pre-registered your interest. All team leaders were emailed the form to complete by the 10th of January and now all allocations are filled.

Registration for the 2950 Daymar Rally will re-open on the 1st of February 2949.

Now that we have 100% confirmed numbers I can announce that the Daymar Rally will be the largest online SC community event to date. 200 attendees across 4 servers will make the largest by 4 times any other event.

Thanks to all the supporters, staff and race teams that have made this possible.

See you on Daymar!

Brendon GroveComment