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300 kms.

three outposts.

one moon. 

A Star Citizen Community Event



The Rules

  • Three divisions BUGGY (Cyclone), ROVER (Ursa) or BIKE (Dragonfly/Nox/X1)
  • Maximum two drivers and two support pilots per team
  • Vehicle weapons allowed after first checkpoint
  • One team member from your race vehicle must enter the outpost and see the official to qualify and continue
  • One support spacecraft/aircraft is allowed for refuel, restock, repair and navigation

Rule book version 2.0 now available to download here.


The Spoils

Each of the three divisions will be rewarded an in game ship prize pack. The rewards will be listed on the 1st of July so keep an eye out on the DaymarRally twitter account.


watch the trailer

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 3.48.07 pm.png

Course Route



*Not to scale, outpost positions vary.

Daymar Map3Web.jpg

The Finish Line

The course corridor is set on the Crusader moon of Daymar over three outposts, two solar rotations, four canyons and the dust of Daymar.

01. Engines ready

The Daymar Rally begins at 'Shubin Mining Facility SCD-1'.

Our sponsors Tumbril will initiate the race with the firing of two Nova cannons. The start line is formed between the two tonks.

02. turn and fire

Checkpoint one  is 'Eager Flats Emergency Shelter'.

You must enter the Eager Point outpost to qualify and continue the race. Officials will be at each checkpoint and in the sky to follow the action.

03. secure the package

Checkpoint Two - 'The Betty' is the Daymar Rally Reclaimer and is located 133.5kms from the finsh line.

Each team will need to retrieve their hidden unique item from here and return it to the finish line to complete the rally.

03. We made it...wait where is jerry

Both drivers will need to enter the outpost at 'Wolf Point Emergency Shelter' to be crowned the seasons champion.

The race champion per division will receive their name on a physical shield and spacecraft provided by community donations and Daymar Rally organizers.

*Course checkpoints and distancs may change throughout the course of development. All checkpoints and support stations are a 200m armistice zone.


eSports Coverage



Follow us on Twitch so you are ready for the January broadcast.

Daymar Rally organizers will be employing Star Citizen community in game cinematographers to be involved in the inaugural broadcast. Aerial Mako (replacement until release) cover and ground vision, whether it is the front of the pack, where the action is, checkpoints or the finish line the Daymar Rally community broadcast team will have you covered.  Tune in on 27th of January 2949 for the inaugural broadcast. 


The Daymar Rally coverage will be replayed on the Daymar Rally YouTube


To really be in the know, join us on Discord for all the latest info and chat to other teams. 



The Daymar Rally organizers have had a bit of help from some talented contributors and generous sponsors. Please take the time to visit them, we have included a link per contributor if you wish to visit.





EchelonNews 7


Splatter Goo

Contributor -

M.E.R.C Corp


Branaugh System Security & Development






Enemy Contact



Hyde Customs


Frontier 17





"Daymar is untameable"

Cor5aire | Founder


Star Citizen Development

The Daymar Rally is still waiting on some features and vehicles not yet included in the Star Citizen PU. Patch 3.1 will give us our first Tumbril Cyclone, 3.2 will allow repair and refuel and 3.3 will up the arms race with Cyclone variants. The first Daymar Rally will be held on the 27th of January 2949, giving CIG the time needed to make "the filthiest race in the galaxy" truly great.

Follow the development and pledge to Star Citizen here




2018-08-09 (2).png


The Daymar Rally attracts a lot of unsavory elements and is very dangerous. Being that it is once a year, pirates and guerilla groups know where to be. Even before weapons are on, after the first checkpoint, there is still the risk of Daymar raider ambushes, pirate attacks and opponent traps are common.

To be prepared for these types of attacks Daymar Rally organizers choose Frontier 17 to lead all security operations during practice runs and for the main event. Even though we have the most skilled security force in the verse it is still recommended you are aware of the following:

  • Be prepared to lose your vehicle in this race, make sure your insurance is up to date
  • A support aircraft/spacecraft is almost essential in succeeding
  • If your vehicle is destroyed consider bringing a replacement
  • Bring guns......lots of guns
  • Beware of the dark, a crevasse could end you in seconds
  • The rally is long (5 hrs by Ursa), not everyone has the fortitude to last


Enlist your team





Now includes:

  • 'The Betty' new leader chaser mechanic
  • Support stations
  • TL:DR quick guide
  • New photos from Mr_Hasgaha
  • Course map update
  • New honor recipients

Download your copy here. Feedback on rules and regulations is most welcome.