Q.What date is the rally?

A. The Daymar Rally is an annual event held on the last weekend in January. A worldwide time schedule will be posted on Twitter and Reddit four weeks prior.


Q. is the registration fee for my team?

A. There is NO registration fee, Daymar Rally is funded purely by community donations which are used for the prize pool.


Q. Where can I read more detailed rules

A. Download the digital rulebook here.


Q. Where does my donation go?

A. Any donations only increase the prize pool. We have three divisions to supply so the more help we can get the better. The Daymar Rally team makes no money from donations or registration. 


Q. How do you control cheating?

A. Because the race is run in two straight lines and you have to pass within 50 metres of checkpoints we can check off the competitors as the pass. If a team does not pass the checkpoint they will be disqualified. We also have a crew reporting from the front of the race pack and because the rally is run in straight lines there is no opportunity for shortcuts.


Q. How can MY team be DISQUALIFIED?

A. There are many rules to follow and the digital rulebook will list all ways to be disqualified. 


Q. How do control security

A. Depending on server size at the time, we simply party lock out anyone who isn't involved in the race. If server meshing comes online we have two organisations dedicated to security.