The Daymar Rally is Born

I have spent countless hours in an Ursa Rover, timing routes and crashing into rocks in the pitch black of a solar rotation. I have spent so much time on Daymar that I will need until January 27th 2949 to recover. All of this with one goal in mind, to create "the filthiest race in the galaxy".

Even though development continues and features are still needed to make this race great. I am launching the website and the idea of creating an event that hopefully, even with 100 star systems, there is still a reason (to win a big ship) to come back to our roots and compete in the annual Daymar Rally.

Today I launch the website in a hope to invite the Star Citizen community to participate in making this dream a reality. Give me your thoughts, criticisms and ideas and we can work on this community project together.

See you in the verse



Brendon Grove4 Comments