True Community Contributions & Rule Book v1.3

The overwhelming positive feedback and constructive suggestions have really surprised us. So much so we are working on Version 1.3 of the rule book, some of the community suggestions from Reddit and Spectrum will be directly implemented to the latest version. 

We will be adding a page to the rule book which will list every member from Reddit and Spectrum that have contributed their ideas. Keep an eye out for v1.3 and see if your name was included.

We are also adding a 'Server Rules' & 'CIG development' section to the rule book. This will give the community a more in depth look at our plans for delivering the rally. Also how the current development is affecting the Daymar Rally and how we plan to run the rally on the 27th of January 2949.

As development progresses, the Daymar Rally will need to adapt to changing conditions, these rules will keep you up to date on how and why rules are changing, similar to patch notes.

This section will be called 'State of the Rally'.


Brendon GroveComment