Dare to Dream


What makes someone strap into a vehicle, drive out into the seemingly endless dusty red sea of Daymar? What makes them give up the comforts of life to push themselves and their equipment to the limits? Who in their right mind would bang along day and night across mountains, through valleys, and down canyons? Unpredictable weather bringing up sand and dust storms that can peel paint off of vehicles and flesh off of the bone.

The intense heat from the days and the below-freezing temps of the nights test both man and machine. The red sand getting into transmissions, ventilation systems, life support systems, and engine compartments. So why in the hell would people do this on purpose?

Of course, if the sand does not get you, the mountains and canyons might. What would possess a person to take a vehicle up and over some of the places these drivers do is beyond anything I have ever seen. Climbing almost vertical with only sheer horsepower, determination, and mumbled prayers to push them on.

The margin of error is as thin as the toxic atmosphere on Daymar. One mistake and they will write a folk song ballad about how brave you were as you were burned alive, crushed by falling rocks, consumed by a sandstorm, or flew off a cliff.

So why do people do this?

For the fortune? The Glory? Sure, maybe there is a fair amount of that involved but really what drives a person to have their endurance tested at such a high level? It is knowing that others won't even dare to try. They know that they never have to share space with those that were timid and dared not to dream.

It is not about winning and losing, it is about the experience. Every team that is out there is out there win but none of them would be out there if that was their only measure of success. People are going to tune in, watch the races, read the stories, hear the interviews and think themselves cheated for having missed the opportunity. Those that race never have to know that feeling.

The comradeship seen within the teams is what it is all about. Knowing that they have all year to plan, prep, train and think about the coming race, all come to a point when the green flag is dropped. For the next 300km nothing else in the world matters but finishing the race. Proving to themselves and others that not only can it be done, but it was done by “OUR TEAM”.

That is what keeps these teams hyped. That is what keeps them on target and driven. The sweet taste of victory is the icing on the cake. The teams are out there for the experiences shared with each other.

There can only be one team on top. Every team just knows it will be them.


*In-game image by Mr_Hasgaha

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