The Daymar Rally attracts a lot of unsavory elements and is very dangerous. Being that it is once a year, pirates and guerilla groups know where to be. Even before weapons are on, after the first checkpoint, there is still the risk of Daymar raider ambushes, pirate attacks and opponent traps are common. Daymar Rally organizers will have security forces throughout the course to deter would be pirates and ambushes. These are the things you should be aware of before signing up for the filthiest race in the galaxy.

  • Be prepared to lose your vehicle in this race, make sure your insurance is up to date
  • A support aircraft/spacecraft is almost essential in succeeding
  • If your vehicle is destroyed consider bringing a replacement
  • Bring guns......lots of guns
  • Beware of the dark, a crevasse could end you in seconds
  • The rally is long (5 hrs by Ursa), not everyone has the fortitude to last