Teams, it's time to get serious!

When undertaking a race like the Daymar Rally it is easy to get focused on just one aspect, the actual driving of the race. The time, effort, and endurance it will take to finish the Rally will be a 5-hour investment. There will be many obstacles in the way such as rocks, canyons, mountains, valleys, ancient river beds, and blinding sandstorms. All of the perils faced are a stress on the driving teams but what about their equipment?

The rigors of the Rally are not only a test of one's personal ability to see a race through until the end, it tests your vehicles. The constant pounding these vehicles take while traversing this unforgiving landscape takes its toll. Tires wear out, lose traction and eventually give out. Axles snap like twigs as you plunge into a dip you could not see in the dark. Intakes and exhausts will become clogged with the fine, red dust. Engines will overheat, fuel tanks will empty...a lot will go wrong out there.

These races would not be possible without the people behind the scenes. The unsung and oft never spoke of heroes of the Daymar Rally, the support teams. They go the extra mile so the teams can finish their races. They see to the needs of the teams logistically, medically and mechanically. They also help provide for the security and protection of all involved as well.

Logistics teams will be responsible for transporting the teams and their equipment to locations. They will have to take extra care to make sure that whatever they need, they bring with them the first time. They will be providing the fuel, food, water. The logistical teams also will be responsible for ensuring the same basic needs for the medical and mechanical teams. After all crews need to eat, take on water and have tools as well as parts for those emergency field repairs.


The very nature of this puts all participants in danger, grave danger. Not just the pitfalls one faces from being on a desert moon, but also the other teams. It is a gritty, and dirty race. Some are willing to go very far to win the Rally, and you will need to be prepared to do the same if you intend on taking home the cup. So the medical teams will be working round the clock to keep everyone involved, just like the machines required for the race, well oiled. The people need to be maintained in order to see this through, injuries and death will happen. Medical teams will be there to help mitigate this danger by helping preserve life. For a price of course.

Of course, let us not forget the grease monkeys. Without them, none of this would be possible. These wrench turning masters of their craft learn the tricks of the trade needed to win. Field modifications and repairs, finding the right balance between speed, torque, and protection. When the machine breaks down, the teams break down and they simply cannot allow that to happen. These teams will work round the clock right alongside the drivers.

These races draw a lot of attention. Investors, big organizations, news coverage, spectators, and of course everyone is going to try to find a way to make a “buck”. This, of course, means that people with less than honest intentions will arrive. Security teams will be assigned to provide protection for everyone involved, from drivers to spectators. In a sport as intense as the Rally tempers will flare and violence will break out. Out on the dusty trail that is fine and encouraged but sometimes the heat of the moment happens outside of the race and security will be there to take care of those situations.

Truly a combined and group effort for everyone involved. We at the Daymar Rally are proud to play host to these great teams and are dedicated to working with them. We want to encourage more to sign up but also to understand fully what this race will require from them. Teams are already now in the beginning phases of training, prepping and planning out how they are going to attack the Daymar Rally. Its time, to get serious.


*In-game image by Mr_Hasgaha

John Abshire