The Times are a Changin'

Live Stream Practice and the ‘Race Club’

Well this is the longest time between posts. It’s been crazy busy in the Daymar Rally offices. We’ve been creating and setting up assets for the multi camera live stream and if you saw the last attempt (click on pic above), you understand there is some work to do for our next practice stream on the 1st of December.

Rumged and Crucian have come on board as commentators and Crucian and I are working on hosting the assets and stream from the U.S so that we have a much better feed. The last test was run out of Australia and proved problematic.

In other news, recent inductee into the Daymar Rally team, Momotaro from The Exiles has started an in house race club for regular practice runs. You can join the club by commenting and following the #join-a-practice-run channel in the Daymar Rally Discord


Brendon Grove