The Daymar Rally organisers have had a bit of help from some talented contributors. Please take the time to visit them, we have included a link per contributor if you wish to visit.

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Most of you already know Mr_Hasgaha, you know, that guy who has all the amazing in game Star Citizen screenshots and videos?

Well he was kind enough to allow us to use some of his images for the Daymar Rally rule book. Hopefully we will see more work from him in future publications.

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Zeb Vance from Shackleton Enterprises was Daymar Rally's first contributor. He clearly has an eye for successful projects... When Daymar Rally had zero followers he was still keen to supply us with writing that is beyond what we deserve.

Check out his work and follow our blog posts to support Zeb and the Daymar Rally team.



M.E.R.C. Corp is a German based organisation and one of the largest organisations in Europe. With a large fleet of ship to call upon and highly skilled members you can be sure that all your security and military needs are met.

You can also contact M.E.R.C. Corp for any custom logistics. The organisation is broken down into 10 squadrons each having their own specific profession focus.



Stellar Enterprise is an industrial organization that specializes in providing exploration, logistics, sciences and mining services. 

Working with our strategic partners we are able to offer a variety of solutions to our customers.

We are an active and friendly international org that is currently recruiting. 


Branaugh System Security and Development 

Colonel WRichter, CEO of BSSD (Branaugh System Security and Development) is proud to announce the participation of the BSSD org in the DAYMAR RALLY event.

BSSD have participated in numerous  rally's on Branaugh II (Branaugh System) in order to explore the planets of this distant system. As champions of numerous rally's WRichter and the BSSD are honored to be sponsors of the Daymar Rally. 

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