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3.5 Persistence Test Run




Add Cor5aire as an RSI friend to join the party.

Official race start Saturday 6th April 2949- 21.30 UTC

Friend requests sent out @ 20.00 UTC

UTC Sat, 6th April 2019 at 20:00

This event requires a little home work. A huge part of preparing for the start line is getting to the start line. If we could instantly spawn there as a party that would be rad.

If 3.5 is live we will proceed as below. If we stay in 3.4.3 we will fly down to Daymar like normal. If a smaller groups wants to attempt a PTU test with me that would be fantastic.

If everyone could attempt to fly a spacecraft with the ability to log out close to Shubin Mining Facility on Daymar. Keep your distance as it appears that being in close proximity to other players has a chance of interrupting your spawn. If you park 10KM's out of Shubin you might be safe. The ship you choose isn't too integral unless you, or at least one member of your team wants that ship to participate in the race as a support craft. As long as you can log out on Daymar.

If some teams can store their race vehicles that would be fantastic. It's not integral as we will be close to the vehicle pads. Ultimately the aim will be for teams to spawn on site with vehicles ready to go. It will be good to see where persistence is at right now and watch it improve as we lead into 2950.

When we start to invite participants to the party at 20:00 UTC. You should already have logged out on Daymar. Once everyone is invited to the party we will attempt to persistently spawn as a group.

Maximum 30 mins after we launch the server we will begin the race from the start line we used for the 2949 Daymar Rally.

The race will be to Eager Flats (Cor5aire will be the checkpoint) which will include proper check in procedure. Once checked in return to Shubin Mining Facility and finish on any large spacecraft landing pad.

Live Fire will be announced over TTS that it is now live. Teams may then fire upon each other. We will commence a TTS test before we begin the race.

The winner of each division will receive a copy of the Daymar Rally short story collection currently in production.

See you Daymar.